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“Restoring Treasures Matter”

I just want to say that…..
For over 15 years 2 beautiful Hyde Park Gemstone treasures at the corner of Blair and Angelica street finally collapsed and were a safety hazard for the residents and their children. We owe our thanks and gratitude to the city officials at Heritage for hanks to the city officials at Heritage, the buildings were finally demolished in February, 2017.

CIAHP, LLC is committed to create the Angelica Community Garden (ACG) and welcome your help. Our shared aims will evolve as our resources and support network grows.

Currently our initial aims were to:

1. Clean up the 2 lots across from Windsor Park and convert the land into the Angelica Community Garden (ACG);
2. Allow families and their children an place to learn how to grow flowers and organic vegetables in raised gardens;

3. Invite homeowners, tenants, church members, educators, and public officials to participate in the planning and development of the ACG;

4. Ask horticultural and local university volunteers to help us plan the ACG, and teach residents how to grow flowers and nutritious organic foods.

To increase our chance for success, we will model the ACG after other successful community gardens and raise money to pay for the design, land preparation, tools, plants, seeds, utilities (lighting & water), a rainproof bulletin board, storage shed, fencing, covering, public liability insurance and other necessary legal services.

Security cameras and a fence to protect participants and deter encroachment by animals and vandals.

With your help, CIAHP, LLC and its current supporters will continue the work that began May 2017.

We thank you for your support and well wishes.

With your permission, we will add your name or company name to list of supporters.

Intermediate aim: Seek funding from the USDA’s NRCS through The People’s Garden Initiative.”
Long term aim: Purchase and renovate a building north of the garden for classes and meetings.

Many thanks…

Dr. Saunders.

Dr. Shirley A. Saunders DNP, MSN, APN-BC, RN.
President & CEO

Dr. Saunders formed N & S Network, Inc in 1992 and renamed the company in 2006 to Eagle Gemstone Properties, LLC. She received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from Southern Illinois University, a Master of Science Degree from St. Louis University, an Advance Practice Nursing Certificate from St. Louis University; and a Doctorate in Nursing Practice from Maryville University. Dr. Saunders’ area of responsibility at EGP include property management, oversight of all the financial contracts, and bookkeeping. She also assists with construction projects when needed to complete renovations or restore a rental dwelling for occupancy.


Citizen’s Initiative to Affirm Hyde Park

  • Dr. Shirley A. Saunders, DNP, MSN, APN-BC, RN,  CEO, CFO, Chairman of the Board of Directors 
  • William N. Saunders, Sr. Chief Construction Officer.
  • Jacque Davis, Enterprises, Independent contractor and Assistant Construction Office

Board of Directors 

  • Dr. Shirley A. Saunders, Director
  • William N. Saunders, Sr.   Director    
  • Eagle Gemstone Properties, LLC. Director 
  • Jacque Davis, Director
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