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Increase revenue stream after taking this: Online E/M Billing & CPT Coding and Auditing Workshop for Providers



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Mission: Diverse Nurse Universe, LLC (DNU) is an NP-owned limited liability corporation whose mission is to assure the provision of educational offerings to heath care providers in the outpatient and inpatient settings.

Purpose: In support of its mission, DNU is committed to providing and facilitating continuing education activities that focus on increasing productivity, adding value, and increasing the revenue stream of providers, hospitals, and medical groups. To meet this objective, DNU welcomes suggestions from participants for future course offerings. Ultimately, the employer, employee, and patient will be more informed of the coding essentials as a result of participant’s involvement in DNU course offerings.

About the Sponsor: The workshop is sponsored by Diverse Nurse Universe, LLC, and is the first of multiple workshops that will focus on increasing the coding proficiency of health care providers while ensuring the provision of quality patient care.

Dear Colleague,

We were pleased to take part in the planning of this 1st annual E/M Coding and Auditing Workshop on behalf of Diverse Nurse Universe, LLC (DNU). This workshop came to fruition after planning for over a year. In addition to these audio and video files, the 2nd workshop will take place in April 2011 in St. Louis Missouri. The participants at the first workshop alerted us to many concerns relative to coding concerns. These mutual concerns and more will be shared at the 2nd workshop in April 2011.

This workshop will span 2 days instead of one day.

We hope that as a result of attending this workshop, participants who work in inpatient and outpatient settings will become more proficient in coding accurately and have fewer undercoding and overcoding errors.

Diverse Nurse Universe, LLC.



Files for the First Annual “Evaluation & Management (E/M)

Coding and Auditing Workshop” held on October 9, 2010


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